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"A forum to educate and mobilize voters to end partisan gerrymandering drew a capacity crowd at East Lansing High School cafeteria Sunday afternoon. Based on the room's capacity, approximately 600 people were in attendance.Read the article from the state news on Sunday's gerrymandering event at East Lansing High School"

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Jack Lessenberry - Michigan Radio (Voters Not Politicians mentioned at the 3:15 mark)

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Voters Not Politicians Press Release Coverage:
Detroit News
Democracy Tree
Michigan Radio
Fox 17 Online
CBS Detroit
Fort Bend Harold
Associated Press

February 24, 2017 Press Release
Amending Michigan's Constitution to End "Rigged" Elections

LANSING - A grassroots group of Michigan voters has announced an effort to take politicians out of the redistricting process.

"Voters Not Politicians," a nonpartisan ballot question committee, is seeking to amend the Michigan Constitution in 2018 to create an independent Citizens' Redistricting Commission. The Commission would be responsible for drawing Michigan's congressional and state legislative districts (a process known as redistricting), taking the process out of the hands of politicians. Read more...