Count MI Vote Marketing Committee

Many Michiganders don’t know what gerrymandering is, let alone how much it affects the democratic process. Explaining its effects and the solution we are advocating is key to our success – and we need volunteers to help make that happen!

The marketing committee is working to spread our message to educate and encourage Michiganders to mobilize for fair, transparent, and non-partisan redistricting reform! We need people of all skills and talents: writers to craft resonant messages, graphic designers to craft engaging pieces and spark interest, audio visual talents to direct videos, folks familiar with social media to craft posts and keep the conversation going, people with public relations, communications, and campaign expertise, and anyone passionate about increasing awareness and creating change.

Now is the time to mobilize – please join us! We have a lot of work to do, and any little or large contribution you can make to the marketing committee is welcomed. To get involved, please provide us with a bit of information about yourself or give us a call at (616) 438-6287! We will be in touch with you soon!  Thank you.